Inviting Someone to Alpha

Extending an invitation in 4 steps

How do you invite someone to Alpha?

invite someone to Alpha

1. Understand what Alpha is.

2. Create a list of 9 people.

three people likely to say "yes"

  • You know these people, and they know you.
  • They might be your friends, co-workers, or casual acquaintances.
  • You feel fairly certain they'd say, "yes," if invited to Alpha.

THREE people likely to say "no"

  • You also know these people.
  • You're pretty sure they would never come to Alpha.
  • Perhaps they've even given you a hard time about your faith, or talk negatively about Christianity.

THREE people you're unsure of

  • You may not even know their name
  • you see them regularly and there's some kind of connection
  • your barista, an employee where you shop, someone you pass on the way to work, etc.

3. Pray for the people on your list.

4. Invite them to Alpha.