Discovery Groups

Discover the the Bible. Obey what you learn. Share with others.

Discovery Groups discover the message of the Bible with 7 basic questions.

Introduction to a Discovery Bible Study

Warm Up

  • Share a recent highlight and lowlight
  • Review previous study
  • Review progress on commitments

Bible Focus

  • Someone reads the passage (see suggested lists below).
  • Someone else retells the passage from memory.
  • Others can help fill in any missing details from the story.

7 Questions

1) “What does this scripture tell me about God and/or His plan?”

2) “What does this scripture tell me about people?”

3) “If this scripture is truly from God, how will I apply and obey it?” (Begin your answer by saying, “I will…”)

4) “Who needs to hear this scripture, and when will I share it?”

5) “What’s a current need in my community?”

6) “In addition to prayer, how can we help meet this need?” — “Let’s pray…”

7) “When will we meet again?”

For More Information

For more information, check out David and Paul Watson's book, Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery.

Study Lists


  • Download a PDF version of this study here.
  • The facilitator asks questions and doesn’t try to teach; don't be afraid of silence 
  • Allow people space to discover for themselves. 
  • Stay in the passage and dig deep (don't wander)
  • One person should not dominate
  • Focus on practically applying and obeying what is discovered.
  • Rotate leadership: after a couple of times, let others facilitate.
  • Multiply: could current members lead a group of their own?