The Dream

From Beijing to Boulder

The Dream

Paul Durbin

January 2020

In July 2018, my wife had a dream that I was pregnant. Yeah, me—the man of the house—Patty dreamt that I was with child! Oddly, however…the word pregnant seemed to sum up quite well how I had been feeling the previous two weeks. 

You see, despite the fact that I was already leading the church of my dreams (Beijing International Christian Fellowship)—a large, international church in Beijing, China), I found myself dreaming about planting a church in the USA. I even had a city on my mind—Boulder, Colorado. Even though I’d never been there, and knew nothing about it—I couldn’t get it out of my mind or heart. 

Now understand, I was prepared to keep these ridiculous notions to myself—yet when Patty shared her dream of my pregnancy, I knew that something else might be going on. Perhaps God was stirring something up in us? Maybe He was calling us to a new work? We prayed about it, and left it with Him. 

Endless confirmations.

Within days of our prayer, an endless stream of confirmations began to roll in—nearly 75 strong and confirming signs (to date) that God is in this. God has used movies we’ve watched (featuring families moving to Colorado—with no hints of this in the movie synopsis). Our kids have created artwork featuring Boulder’s terrain, (even though they knew nothing of Mom and Dad’s thoughts of Colorado). We began to hear podcasts featuring people moving to Colorado for various reasons. And our whole family has met “random” people from Colorado over and over again, etc. The list of confirming signs is practically endless.

As we began to tell our kids, the first response from each child was tears. After all, China had become our home—we’d made thousands of cherished memories and developed many dear relationships over the years. Leaving China was not a happy thought to any of us! 

Yet as each of us—including our kids— sought the Lord about it, He confirmed to each of us that it is HIS plan to plant a life-giving, multiplying church in Boulder, Colorado (and he wanted us to play a part in it!)

Read and explore.

This site is an attempt to explain what we sense God is leading us to do. Please explore these pages with an open heart—a heart that is ready to give, pray, and go.

For Boulder, 

Paul and Patty Durbin

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