Patty Durbin


Patty Durbin

Made in Korea, born in North Dakota, lived all over the world, Patty loves to explore nature and never imagined she would one day live in a city as beautiful as Boulder. Married since 1993 to her best friend Paul, she can be found outside as the sun rises enjoying the flowers and birds songs and walking the many paths around NCAR and Kohler Mesa at twilight with her favorite mutt MeiMei.

Patty and MeiMei
Patty and Paul

Patty is committed to natural health and delivered all four kids at home with the help of a lay midwife, which led to her being trained by the same midwife and the opportunity to help at a number of home births and to serve as a doula at a few hospital births. 

Patty is in love with the word of God and loves how the word can become alive and life changing. She loves to do Bible studies with others as they explore the Bible and the Kingdom of God.  

Patty is a worshipper and worships as she walks and hikes around Boulder. You might catch her singing at the top of her voice at the top of the Mesa Trail. 

Patty and daughter, Sophia, in Rocky Mountain National Park

Patty is a gardener and loves to make things live and thrive. She loves to learn about the local flora and is excited to become a mushroom hunter and forager. Living off the land is one of her dreams.

Patty believes everyone has a story and loves to listen to people share their stories. She hopes to share others stories of struggle and triumph in an attempt to build understanding, empathy and a thriving community. 

Patty and her sister Shara, with their daughters, Breyah and Chloe

Patty enjoys up cycling used wood furniture, she sees potential and can’t wait to recycle one persons junk into another persons treasure. That crosses over to her belief in what Jesus does, he sees us broken as we are and loves us as we are but never leaves us broken. 

He upcycles us to become what we never knew we could be. She believes that the more we know Him, the more we find our true identity and significance. 

Watching rock climbers in Eldorado Canyon