how relevant the Bible is to our times


Paul Durbin, June 2020

Reading in the Bible, Book of Acts, and I’m amazed as to how relevant God’s Word (in just three, short consecutive chapters)is to our times. 

Each of these small expressions of love sparked a movement. 

  • Tradition says the black man returned to Ethiopia and founded a church movement that is still alive today. 
  • The murderer (Paul) was transformed, went on to plant churches all over the known world, and wrote much of the New Testament. 
  • The Law Enforcement Officer and his whole family were transformed, proving to the narrow minded church of the time that the Good News of Jesus was for all people, tribes, languages, cultures, and times. 

Yes, #alllivesmatter...but let’s not forget that “all means ALL” — including black lives, murderer’s lives, police lives, and your life.