Our Story. Your Story.



It can feel like the only way to gain acceptance is to fit into someone else’s mold.

You may long for closeness, but it seems like the only path to intimacy is to hide your honest self.

And community? It means being absorbed, not accepted. You hold back to avoid being labeled “weird” or “a joke.”

But now that you’re holding back, you find that you’re on the outside looking in.

People of faith promise to be the exception to the rule, but they’ve shown themselves to be out-of-touch.

So you chart your own path. You plan to do something great, climb high, and even reach out a hand to help others.

But who will be there for you if you fall? Who will give you a hand up when you lose your footing?

There has to be a place where you can find belonging. To be engaged in helping others, caring for the world and those in it. To be part of a collective that wants to be one another’s anchor, no matter what happens.

And nothing—not your background, your likes or dislikes, your fears or hangups—nothing can make you feel like you shouldn’t be a valued part of that family.

At Belay, we see you, we accept you, and our door is always open to you. Come, be yourself, and feel at home, as we serve our community together.